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Since 2020, I have been keeping tabs on some conspiracy theorists known for misinforming those online about #COVID19 and #CovidVaccines, especially on social media platforms.

WhatsApp has been a willing tool for fake news merchants.

I noticed that conspiracy theorists, especially David Icke & @realFFK, have their beliefs centred around…

So I decided to look at the claims Bill Gates was alleged to have said or his plan for the world especially for those us in Africa.


On the 11th of 01 2021, @KhotsoSefatsa, a South African shared a 2019 video of ROBERT O. Young…

Not True, Bill Gates did not suggest depopulation of Africa as claimed

ROBERT O. Young, a US naturopathic practitioner, recently surfaced online in Africa claiming that Microsoft founder, Bill Gates, was planning depopulation of Africa.

Young had, in a 2019 video (now trending), suggested that vaccination was a means to…

So I wrote this poem in celebrating Tolulope Arotile, the late Nigeria’s first female combat helicopter pilot.

...You did yours in 24 places.

Death has a way of misbehaving. A way of breaking our hearts.

It has a way of shutting down dreams. A way of sending us tears.

But it didn't do Tolulope. You came and told the world of who you are.

You lived, impacted and open doors for many like you.

Death may have done its part, but you Tolulope Arotile did yours in 24 places.

In memory of Tolulope Arotile, Nigeria’s first female combat helicopter pilot (1995 - 2020).


This was first published on the 17th of July.

The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia

Oboy! How did I miss this film last year🤦🏿‍♂️

The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia (@frontlinepbs)

I knew Jamal Khashoggi was once a strong Mohammed Bin Salman supporter and supported Saudi ongoing brutal campaign against Yemen, but never knew he compared the Iranians…

Will I walk? | Poetry

Photo Credit: Unsplah

A movement of the soul move beyond my feet

A movement of heart goes deeper than my feet

A movement of my brain reaches beyond my feet

A movement of my nose, travels beyond my feet

Will I ever walk, I ask?

Will the gods bestow on me the physical movement?

Will the gods look beyond my movements and save me?

Will the gods see me beyond my deeds and take action?

Will I, will I, i ask the gods of my feet?

By, Shehu Bello Olayinka

Quds Force: The Powerful IRGC Secretive Unit

One of the world military force that keeps on fascinating me is the Quds Force of the Iran Revolutionary Guard Corps. Its main operation is to carry out unconventional warfare and intelligence activities and responsible for extraterritorial operations.

The unit is headed by…

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